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Uyghur Restaurants

Boston, as a diverse city, offers different variety of food including authentic Uyghur food. If you haven't tried, definitely check them out.

As of April, 2024, there are two restaurants:
1. Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine
2. Ali's Uyghur Kitchen

Uyghur schools

There are about 200 Uyghurs residing in Boston area. Estimated about 10,000 Uyghurs live in the US. There are "Sunday schools" across the US in many large cities. Ana Care is the biggest one based in D.C. area.  To learn more, contact them.


Uyghur books and uyghur Language class

You can find hundreds of Uyghur books at Harvard University's Widener Library collection. 

Uyghur language class is offered at Harvard and it is taught by Dr. Gulnar Eziz 

Uyghur Collective Shop

Uyghur Collective started with an Instagram account and now has more than 20 thousand followers. On its shopping page, you can purchaes many kind of items.

Email: Uyghursocial@gmail.com

Ependim shop

Check out Ependim Shop if you are looking for Uyghur style education item/games

 Email: info@ependim.shop 


Uyghur Refugees or Asylum Seekers who need free legal services, contact Boston Legal Services, a non-profit organization in Boston. (translation service is provided for Non-English Speakers)

TEL: 617-603-1809

Contact: Alex Milvae 

 Email: amilvae@gbls.org 

Direct line: 617-603-1613 

artist: Ablikim emet

Ablikim Emet, a well known Uyghur Photographer and Calligrapher resides in Boston area. Please check out his work and support.